February 4th  –  25 th Carnivale – Carnival time (Annual event)

Viareggio carnival

One of the biggest carnivals in Europe takes place over the weekends in the seaside town of Viareggio. Witness floats sporting enormous Papier-mâché characters usually themed around political satire. During the daytime this is fun for all the family. However, for those who like to party and dance through to the early hours the trendy bars and clubs will be open to late. On the first and last day of carnival you will be treated with a huge firework display.

Vicopisano and other towns

Vicopisano holds a carnival over the weekends as do many other towns throughout Italy. The small towns tend to hold events mainly with children in mind who dress up in costume and fancy dress. These festivals tend to be a strictly familiar affair with colourful floats and rides for kids. If you would like to know more visit the carnivals website or follow us on Facebook and Instagram to witness carnival as it happens.


April 7th (to be confirmed)

Chiassi in Gusto – Vicopisano

Located in and around the characteristic lanes and pathways of the historic centre of Vicopisano.

Come and meet the local artisans who produce beautiful handmade products made right here in Tuscany. In addition you will have a chance to meet and taste local food, olive oil, wine and beer all produced in our immediate vicintiy. 

This is a lovely festival to witness true artisans at work and buy their products in addition to enjoying street food and entertainment. 


March 23th – 24th 

Festa dei camminanti.Walking festival (Annual event) – Vicopisano

A fantastic event for those who love to walk, ramble and trek. But that’s not all! There will be many additional  events including live music and street food spread out over the weekend which will take place around Vicopisano and the hills of the Monte Pisano.

The best events and accommodation get booked up pretty quickly so contact us If you would like to know more about the programme and take part

photo credit: Massimo Lenzo


May 4th  – May 5th 

The Festival of Castellare – San Giovanni Alla Vena 

A magical religious festival steeped in history and tradition takes place every year at a tiny white chapel on the hills of the Monte Pisano which surround Vicopisano. 

It is said that the original church was built by the vetrans of the 4th Crusade who returned to Italy with a Holy Relic – a piece of wood from the crucifix where Jesus was crucified. 

Over the centuries the Holy Relic has been housed in the local parish church for safety.  

Once a year the Relic is bought into the streets for the local community to see and from the main parish church a candlelit procession winds its way through the narrow streets of town and up the hill to  where the church is located. 

It’s a steep climb so you need to be pretty good shape to join in with the procession which can be witnessed from miles around. The evening ends with a huge firework display. 

The follwing day the small church is open to the public but just for this one day of the year. A mass is held on the hill performed by the local priest. 

You can’t get much more of   an authentic Tuscan event than this! 


May 18th – May 19th

Castello in Fiore – The castle in flower(Annual event)- Vicopisano

A popular and colourful event where flowers and plants are the main attraction. Banks and stalls of flowers, plants and even ancient olive trees are displayed throughout the main Piazza and historic centre of town .

In addition to the flowers there will also be a chance to shop at local artisan stalls be entertained by live music and enjoy an abundance of local street food 


June 22nd July 13th, August 3rs, 10th 

Cena tra il Filari – Dinner between the vines

A magical event hosted by one of our favorite wineries in the nearby Pisan wine region nestled in the Pisan hills . The evening begins with an aperitivo as the sun starts to set over the rolling hills and vines.  

Enjoy a 4-course dinner where the tables are set out in and around the vines with spectacular views of rolling hills, cypress trees and vineyards. 

Dinner will be accompanied by the soft sounds of a saxaphone or violin.

Each course will be served with a different wine produced by the winemakers who will also be your hosts.

Guests of Authenic Tuscany will have the opportunity to join us at our special table reserved for this memorable event.   

In addition to the above event other events at the winery will be organised throughout the year.  Contact us for more information.

June - September

Estate in Vicopisano  – Summer in Vicopisano 

During the summer months there are many local festivals known as sagras where you will get the oportunity to eat, drink and be merry like a local! 

In addition to the traditional festivals there will be many other events including the music event!

Rock ‘N’ Roll on June 24th takes place between the main piazza and cobbled lanes. This is a must see festival for all who love rock music! 

For those who are looking for something a little more traditional the local counci also holds local classical musical evenings and outdoor cinema.  Full details are available closer to the time. 



July 17th & 19th 

Andrea Bocelli live at the Teatro del silenzio– Theatre of silence – (Annual event) – Lajatico

A must-see event for all Bocelli fans to see the famous tenor sing at the enchanting Teatro del Silenzio (Theatre of Silence) located in Andreas’s birthplace Lajatico.  Usually the concert takes place just once a year. 

Andrea Bocellii’s birthtown and concert location in Lajatico is jut 40 minutes from our base in Vicopisano. 



July To be confirmed 

Cena in Borgo – Street dinner with the locals 

Probably, the most loved events by our guests! 

This event takes place in the heart of our neighbourhood, right in our street, practically outside our front door! 

In the past this event has  attracted more than 400 people! 

Tables and chairs are provided by the local cancel and each person in the community who wants to attend reserves a table and then we provide the rest! Table clothes, candels, food and wine! 

This is a unique opportunity to enjoy a very authentic festival but to be honest it’s a little difficult to just turn up without being in the know! 

Guests of Authentic Tuscany can take part at this fun and traditional festival by joining us at our very own Authentic Tuscany table.



August 15th

Ferragosto :

Traditionally this was always the month when Italians took their holidays and headed for the seaside resorts and shut up shop!  However, nowadays, more workplaces offer annual holidays which are scattered between the summer months so gone are the days of everything closing down in August.

Ferragosto is the biggest holiday of the year after Christmas and all the Italians will be either down at the beach up in the hills. As our location is only 30 minutes from the coast, we can provide you with lots of information on places to party on this day.

Many of the beach clubs hold events and festivals throughout the summer whether it be seafood BBQ’s under the stars or concerts on the sand. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates


August 31st & September 1st

Festa Mediovale di VicopisanoMedieval festivalVicopisano

This is Vicopisano’sbiggest event of the year which attracts thousnad of visitors during this two-day event.  Step back in time and enjoy the pageantry and festivities of times gone by with historic parades, Medieval stalls and tavernas. The event takes place throughout the historic centre so you happen to be staying at one of our Vicopisano properties you will be at the heart of the festival.

And if you like you can dress up in Medieval costume too!

Regular Events

Antique and collectors’ fairs are usually held on a Sunday (please note that these markets may not take place during August)

Cascina                 1st Sunday of the month

Vicopisano          2nd Sunday of the month

Pisa                        2nd Saturday and Sunday of the month

Lucca                     3rd Saturday and Sunday of the month

Bientina               4th Sunday of every month