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Discover the health benefits and secrets of extra virgin olive oil

Our town of Vicopisano is located on the official olive oil trail of the Monte Pisano, a small range of hills that rises like an island between the cities and plains of Pisa and Lucca. 

The production of extra virgin olive oil has been practiced here for centuries and still follows traditional and organic methods which have been passed down through the generations. 

Situated just a 10-minute walk from Vicopisano’s village centre you can enjoy an informative and interesting morning visiting a family-run organic farm that produces an award-winning extra virgin olive oil. Here you can visit the olive groves, a small vineyard, and the mill where the olives are pressed and learn how to taste the olive oil just like a professional olive oil taster! If you happen to visit us at harvest time in October you will be able to witness the extra virgin olive oil come straight off the press!

During your visit, you will taste not only our extra virgin olive oil but also the farm’s 5 different naturally flavoured olive oils and learn which qualities determine exceptionally good extra virgin olive oil. The tasting will be accompanied by the farm’s other organic produce and their own wines.

Once you have sampled all the delicious products you will also have a chance to buy them at the small farm shop.

And just in case you can’t make it to our little corner of Tuscany this year we are delighted to announce an exclusive collaboration with Vicopisano’s very own award-winning organic olive farm to bring the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil straight to your door. 

Gone are the days when you had to visit us here in Tuscany to pick up your very own bottle. We are now shipping directly to you!

If you would like to know more about our products click here.   or contact/message us here at WhatsApp.

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  1. Berni

    Hi Marie hope you are well. How can I order some olive oil from the local farm? I can’t find the previous link which you posted.
    Many thanks Berni Connelly

    1. Tuscany

      Hi Berni, thank you for your enquiry as I already have the email details on file I have actually sent you an email on how to order olive oil from the farm here in Vicopisano. Thank you again for getting in touch. 🙂

  2. Vickie Massey

    How can I book this tour?
    We will be staying in Buti Italy.

  3. Vickie Massey

    We would just need your exact address please and a day and time. Thank you!

  4. Jane Dowsett

    Morning Marie and Lorenzo,
    My two friends and I are coming to stay at Apartmento Roberta arriving Wed 28th Aug – Sunday 31st. It it possible to do this whilst we are there. We would love to come and do this experience. Our names are Jane Dowsett, Sarah Scott and Jo Cooley.

    Thank you so much

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